Using is very easy once you get used to the three main areas you will be spending most of your time. This article is going to offer a little bit of information about each of these three important sections.

Everything you need to know about Weekly Ads

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Browsing the Circulars

The first section of the website to familiarize yourself with the is circulars section. You get to this area after you input your zip code at the homepage. Inside you will find all of the circulars that relate to your area. The lefthand portion of the screen has a breakdown of all the available circulars by category. This comes in very handy for when you want to look for specific options like grocery stores. Note that you can click the blue heart when viewing a particular circular to add it to your favorites list.

The Coupons Section

The coupons section is the second main area you will visit regularly on You can view coupons that are for loyalty cards, printable coupons, or a selection of both. The lefthand menu has categories similar to the circular section that help you sort through all of the available deals.

The Shopping List

All of the coupons and deals that you have selected will show up in the shopping list area of You can access this area by clicking the shopping list link in the top righthand corner of your screen. It will have a small dark blue number representing all of the items or deals you have clipped so far. Once inside, you can create your own custom shopping list to make grocery shopping easier.

Now that you have a sound understanding of these three important areas, you are ready to begin using for yourself. You will be surprised by the number of deals you discover when using this handy website.